Waterman Steamship

waterman Waterman Steamship, originally founded in 1919, is a deep sea ocean carrier operating U.S. flag vessels in liner service and time charter contracts. Liner service includes scheduled Pure Car/Truck Carrier vessel transit between the United States, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern ports. Additionally, U.S. flag container ships are time chartered to liner companies.

A United States flag shipping company since its founding in 1919, Waterman Steamship Corporation is a principal subsidiary of International Shipholding Corporation.


USA / MID EAST : Direct service between US Atlantic & Gulf ports and Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia. Other countries served via transshipment or inducement include Bahrain, Djibouti, Eritrea, India, Jordan, Kenya, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Yemen and the UAE.

USA / FAR EAST: Direct service between US West Coast ports and Japan, Korea and Guam. China, Russia and other Asian countries served via transshipment or inducement.


Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC): WATU

Domestic noncontiguous trade of the United States:

Tariff STB WATU 030 is posted at Waterman’s principal office for public inspection.

Foreign commerce of the United States:

Federal Maritime Commission Organization Number: 000088

Bill of lading sample : WATU Bill Of Lading Sample.pdf

Bill of lading Tariff No. 010 : BillOfLadingTariff010.pdf ***

Commodity Tariff No. 020 with local & intermodal rules & rates : Commodity Tariff 020.xlsx ***

(*** Some files are password protected, please contact us for access.)

Historical rules & tariff rate items published thru July 2011:


For accounting, employment, purchasing & vessel management:

Waterman Steamship Corporation
11 North Water Street, Suite 18290, Mobile, Alabama 36602
phone : (1) 251-243-9120
fax: (1) 251-243-9121

For customer service, schedule information & cargo booking:

Waterman Steamship Corporation
Whitehall Street, New York, New York 10004
phone: (1) 212-747-8550
fax: (1) 212-747-8588
email: wscny@intship.com


Freight rate and schedule inquiries may be sent via e-mail to Waterman’s New York office.


Ship board employment contracts are in place with maritime unions. Career information is available from the Maritime Administration.